7 Essential Wedding Planning Tips


When you meet the person you are attracted to, the next step you might be considering a few months or years down the line is tying the knot. When this time comes, you need to know how to plan your wedding. Planning a wedding can be the stickiest and the most daunting part of your life as a couple. There are many things you need to put into consideration, especially if you are getting a wedding loan. However, to plan a wedding of your dreams, here are some wedding planning tips you that will help you.

1. Guests come first

Always remember that your guest comes first. You need to approximate the number of guests you will invite before you get the venue. You also need to know the guest you intend to invite before you hire an outside carting supplier.

2. Listen to nature

Mother nature can cause potential annoyances. Your guests can skip the hotter summer tent wedding or improperly heated winter receptions. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you should always consider mother nature

3. Lighten your list

Your wedding budget is important. Cut your guest list and other things that you need if you don’t need them. Always remember you are almost half of your wedding expenses goes to winning and dining. Planning and sticking to your budget is the way to go.

4. Have a meal plan

If you have a wedding day crew, then make sure you have a meal plan, you can also agree on the meal plan. If you are using outside catering services, know their menu and create one with them if you are not comfortable with what they offer.

5. Always ask

If there is one thing that will save you a lot of time and many, you need to be ready to ask all the time. If the vendor you hire doesn’t like your budget, never be afraid of asking for opinions, sometimes different opinions might help you save more. If it doesn’t work at all, always ask to find a vendor that will fit your budget.

6. Know the wedding blackout dates

Always research and know if your day will fall on the same day as the charity walk. Local event, trade conference and any other events in the locality. Failure to do this means you will have to deal with the hotel room availability and hectic traffic.

7. Take a step at a time

Always take one step at a time. Plan the wedding schedule and everything step by step. Don’t hire a vendor or design your cake before you confirm your wedding date. Also, don’t hire caterers, venue and even a band without settling for space.

There are other things that you can consider when planning your wedding. Everything you have to do, you need to make sure all falls into place. One step at a time and make sure you follow all the steps you make before making the final decision. The above expert tips and tricks should help you manage your budget and plan a perfect wedding. 

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Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget


All agog to hear your wedding bells ring melodiously and finally, the day is almost here to tie a knot with your soul mate. Walking down the aisle with your soulmate for the blessings; promising to share every moment in all respects. Finally leaping to spend the right of your life with your soul mate might be hard but working on the finances for the eventful wedding is the hardest task. Research shows that about 2.7 million wedding is done every year, so making sure that yours is one of the best of that year should be your goal. Once you settle down and start jotting the requirements for the arrangements, you notice that finances are taking a downward leap. An intellect calculation on the wedding expenditure is a must.

Tips on using wedding finances effectively

•    Make a wedding-budget checklist

Planning a budget for your wedding can be stressful, but with proper tactics, you can achieve this. The first step is to make a budget checklist even before you start making your purchases or hire service providers like decorators, florists, and caterers. This could help in the decision-making process and can make a lot of difference for your well executing wedding. Also, don’t forget to always carry the checklist along with you when you are going out shopping.

•    Hiring a wedding planner

This might sound expensive to you, but this can be one of the best options to take when planning your wedding. Hiring the service of a great budget-constraint people can take the entire stress of wedding planning and plan everything within your budget. The proficient planner will take the stress of your wedding off you and handle wedding-related tasks like booking the wedding venue, setting up locations, arranging caterers, placing orders with businesses, and various other tasks.

•    Use the Internet

Is there any other better place to turn to for some wedding ideas and advice apart from the internet? I don’t think so! Many brides-to-be rank wedding websites as a top resource for useful wedding planning advice, tips, and ideas. Most wedding products can be found online, like the wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, wedding favors, bridal accessories and jewelry to choose from.

•    Map out a timeline

Research by Vogue shows that about 60% of engaged women give themselves less than six months before their wedding to purchase their wedding gown. Following a timeline will eliminate impulse shopping as a last ditch effort to finalize your wedding plans.

Follow them well, and you will surely have a beautiful wedding even if your budget is small.

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