Brett W.


Kaitlyn W.


Dreams, to Reality

Where it began…… Brett and I were high school sweethearts who met our sophomore and freshman year. After graduation, despite that strong urge to want to stay together, we both went our separate ways to pursue our collegiate dreams. I made my way to College Station and graduated from Texas A&M University, while Brett pursued his baseball career in Lubbock, TX. Our relationship withstood the distance and years apart, and a month after my graduation Brett dropped to a knee unexpectedly. Brett and I had always talked about our future and how it will be postponed due to him wanting to finish his baseball career, and I always trusted that plan. So I never once considered the fact that he would propose two years earlier than expected.

The night of our proposal was one of the best, unanticipated nights of my life. I had always told Brett to surprise me when he decided to pop the question and I have to admit he definitely surpassed all expectations. With that being said, as much of a planner as I am, I had no idea that I should have been putting back for our special day. I had just graduated from college and was in the process of finding a job with less than a thousand dollars in my bank account. Brett and mine’s plan was to get married in a year and live in Lubbock for his last season of baseball.

The stress mounted as the planning began and everything I researched or had been told was doing things “yourself”. I was reassured time and time again that this would cut cost. That may be true for certain details of your wedding, BUT the entire process will require money that most engaged couples don’t have lying around in their bank account for the pleasure of spending. And let’s not even get into the fact that (although we love them in their manly, special ways) most of our significant others don’t give cost, details, or really the wedding day shenanigans a second thought!!!

One of the biggest problems Brett and I ran into was the fact that both of our families were HUGE! After sending over 800 invitations we had to consider cutting back on many “wants” that I had always dreamed of having on my wedding day. We were very fortunate to have both sets of parents helping financially, but there were still little things that could not be avoided. Once we succeeded our original budget without paying for the food that was supposed to feed over 500 people, Brett and I came up with a plan of taking out a $6,000 loan rather than asking our parents to fork out more of their money. This would give us some breathing room to pay for the catering as well as any unforeseen cost to help create our dream wedding. The process of going to the bank was a hassle in itself. We filled out papers on our work history, education history, and debt history, and it all amounted to having to patiently wait for weeks to receive our money. After seeing this problem in the wedding industry we set out to simplify this process!!


Brett + Kaitlyn W.